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An Beginner Guide setup with AutoGpt


1) For Windows, Download python at

2) Head on to download the correct version for your windows, if you have 64 bit, download that.

3) Open up C:\Users\(Your Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311, go to

Click on Code, copy paste

4) In the folder C:\Users\(Your Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python311, right click the mouse, click Git Bash Here

5) An window should popup, type in git clone, then right click the mouse and click paste

6) Click enter

7) You now should have a folder called autogpt

8) Head to Auto/scripts. Open up CMD, and cd ...\Auto-GPT\scripts. Now you want to set up the python virtual tools. If this step doesn't work, you'll need to setup the environment variables for python, with Path set to the python location, this makes it callable anywhere on the system. In cmd type in python -m venv autoscript (It could be any name)

9) cd to cd ...\Auto-GPT\scripts\autoscript\scripts, type activate

Edit: Step 10 & 11 has been patched.

10) Cd back to  cd ...\Auto-GPT\scripts, and head to googlesearch, copy repeat the steps from earlier of copying the git, clicking git bash here, then typing git clone "paste", and click enter.

11) You should have a folder called googlesearch, click it, open up the file called requirements.txt, and edit requests==2.26.0, click save, in CMD cd to googlesearch folder, type pip install -r requirements.txt.

12) cd ...\Auto-GPT\scripts, pip install -r requirements.txt. Each time you reopen the cmd be sure to activate autoscript before running python


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